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On the evening of October 4th, local time in Italy, a "weird" match was staged in Turin. At the Allianz Arena in Juventus, everything was going on as usual. A limited number of spectators were allowed to enter. In the field, the interview area before and after the game is set up. Juventus's starting players and the referees who took the penalty for the game are preparing to enter the channel, except that there is no opponent.


Where is Juventus's opponent Naples? They had decided earlier the day before that they would not go to Turin to participate in the third round of Serie A because the local health bureau failed to let them go. But Juventus and the game officials still have to go through the cuts, because according to the rules, after 45 minutes of the game, some teams fail to arrive on the scene and will be directly sentenced to a 0-3 loss to their opponents.


In the eventful autumn of 2020, we are still witnessing more bizarre events. To figure out the ins and outs of this, we have to start with Genoa, another Italian city.


On Friday, September 25, local time, Genoa goalkeeper Palin developed fever, so he did not participate in training that day and was tested for the new crown virus. The test result came out at noon on Saturday: positive. At this time, there are about 29 hours before Genoa's away game against Naples. In order to be able to play normally, the Genoa team urgently tried two more rounds. The test report showed that only the house was "weakly positive". According to the Football Association's "medical agreement", the remaining negative players of Genoa set off for the game in Naples.


The scary thing is that after the Genoa players returned from Naples, individual player infections rose to group infections. Up to now, the number of infections in the first team of Genoa is a staggering 17 people, accounting for more than half of the squad, and their next match with Turin has been postponed. A person in charge of a professional medical institution in Milan analyzed that the incubation period of the virus may be the main reason for the continued spread of the epidemic within the team, which laid hidden dangers for the next incident.


At the same time, as a close contact, the entire Naples team also announced the infection of two players (Zelinski, Elmas) on October 2 and 3. Only one day left.


This is the underlying motivation for Naples' decision to abandon the game, and the direct cause is a notice from the local health bureau in Naples. Before describing the development process of the following events, I need to explain a few issues that fans are generally concerned about:


1. Has Naples received a notice from the Health Bureau before making the decision not to go to Turin to compete?


Yes, the content of the notice has been reprinted by ANSA, Gazzetta dello Sport and other media. It was sent to the Naples Club by email from the Campania region, where Naples is located, on October 3. This is only the first email. On October 4, the day of the game, the club received a second email from the local health bureau, the content of which was roughly the same as the first one.

是的,该通知的内容已由ANSA,Gazzetta dello Sport和其他媒体转载。该邮件已于10月3日通过那不勒斯所在的坎帕尼亚地区的电子邮件发送给那不勒斯俱乐部。这只是第一封电子邮件。比赛当天10月4日,俱乐部收到了当地卫生局的第二封电子邮件,其内容与第一封电子邮件大致相同。

2. In the notice of the local health bureau, is the word used "recommended" or "prohibited"?


The truth is that none of them. In the first email, the Health Bureau said: "The recipient needs to stay away from the residence." The second email said: "For public health reasons, close contacts must still Fulfill responsibilities and comply with the entrusted quarantine at their respective residences." In short, the Naples Club regards this as a clear basis for the local health bureau not to release.


3. Do Serie A clubs need to be released from the local health bureau to participate in the competition?


Yes, according to the medical agreement for sports events jointly formulated by the Italian Football Association and the Technical and Scientific Committee, the local health bureau needs to be released before each game, but because there has been no non-release before, the media did not report this provision It was also confirmed in the mouth of the head of Juventus medical yesterday.


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So on the evening of October 3, local time, when the Naples players and coaches were ready to board the plane, the club that received the notice called them back and decided not to go to Turin to participate in the game against Juventus. One can The contradiction that was destined to erupt finally began.


Juve's attitude is very clear, strictly abide by the medical agreement, strictly enforce the rules of the Serie A league, so there is the scene at the beginning of the article. After learning of Naples’ decision, the Serie A officially issued a notice: “According to the medical agreement established by the Italian Football Association and the Technical and Scientific Committee (the authoritative body that formulates national anti-epidemic regulations), national and local authority is invalid for the obstruction of the game.” also In other words, as a member of the Serie A league, your Naples must first abide by our medical agreement.


Serie A also cited a few examples in another paragraph: "The same standard has been used many times in past matches of the season... For example, Turin faces Atlanta, Milan goes to Crotone or Genoa goes to Naples to compete, and Today Atlanta enters the game against Cagliari..." Implication: Why do other clubs normally participate in the game after they have infected people, but you can't in Naples?


There is indeed a question here, why only the local health bureau in Naples did not release it? The "Evening Post" once broke the news that on Friday, October 3, local time, that is, after the first confirmed player was found in Naples, Naples President De Laurentis had called the Serie A league to request the postponement of the match, in the "Evening Post". It seems that the Germans should have also put pressure on the local health bureau to achieve the purpose of postponing the game.

这里确实存在一个问题,为什么只有那不勒斯地方卫生局没有发布它? “晚报”曾经爆料说,当地时间10月3日星期五,即在那不勒斯找到第一位被确认的球员后,那不勒斯总统德劳伦蒂斯致电意甲联赛,要求推迟比赛,在“晚报”中。看来德国人也应该向当地卫生局施加压力,以达到推迟比赛的目的。

The author tends to believe this statement, because in Italy, various clubs have a good relationship with the local health bureau and medical institutions. Whether the Health Bureau can release it and whether the medical institution can give a basis depends largely on the attitude of the club. For example, Ibrahimovic, the recently infected "anti-epidemic fighter", was not quarantined for 14 days when he returned to Italy from Sweden at the beginning of the season. After being provided by the local medical institution in Milan, he was released in advance after several nucleic acid tests were negative. The club's statement is also in line with the regulations. If other clubs encounter this situation in Naples, they may appeal to the local health bureau to ensure that the game is completed normally, not the other way around.


However, the isolation measures in various parts of Italy were originally a mess. The country has national policies, but each region has its own set of standards. Unlike China, which can achieve strict uniformity, it eventually led to various ambiguities. Method.


Why is this a doomed contradiction? Because it's obvious


"The national bill is higher than the rules of sports", a sentence of the lawyers of the Naples Club instantly put them on the moral high ground (at least in this incident). This is a loophole in the medical agreement. Naples has discovered the most untenable place, because the club is not only a football club, it is also an enterprise. Players are not only players, they are first and foremost citizens of the country. Many medical experts have come out to explain that the most reasonable way to avoid further infection is strict isolation, but it is currently impossible in Serie A or other leagues.


The Serie A league has always emphasized that the clubs strictly abide by the medical agreement. In fact, it may not be just one: "If an infected person is found, other players must be tested 48 hours before the game." But what if the test is positive again? Is it necessary to ensure that 48 hours are spared to ensure safety? This is another ambiguous rule. The last round of testing in Genoa was only completed in the early morning of the match day. Are players in the incubation period still in danger of infecting others?


In fact, Serie A is not afraid that Naples will not come to the game. Anyway, you have a reason for not coming. I have a rule to sentence you to lose. The real trouble is that Naples is so troubled. As a result, it really came to the game. , That will put the alliance on the cusp, who will bear this responsibility? To

实际上,意甲并不担心那不勒斯不会参加比赛。无论如何,您都有不来的理由。我有一条规则判你输。真正的麻烦在于那不勒斯是如此困扰。结果,它真的进入了游戏。 ,那将使同盟处于风口浪尖,谁来承担这个责任?至

In Italy, many incidents cannot escape political factors. We don't need to speculate about De Laurentiis' other motives in this matter. He embarrassed Serie A not once or twice. The three summits (Juventus, Milan, Inter Milan) held at Milan’s House a few days ago also showed that the traditional three powers in the north still belong to the same camp politically, and the leader of the other camp is DeLaurentis, representing the south. The interests of the team win small and medium teams.

在意大利,许多事件无法逃脱政治因素。我们无需推测De Laurentiis在此问题上的其他动机。他不让意甲尴尬一次或两次。几天前在米兰的众议院举行的三个首脑会议(尤文图斯,米兰,国际米兰)也表明,北部的三个传统大国在政治上仍属于同一阵营,另一个阵营的领导人是代表南部的德劳伦蒂斯。团队的利益赢得了中小型团队。

If Naples is sentenced to a 0 to 3 loss, Napoli will definitely appeal for his own interests. And if the final match is postponed, it will not only be a victory for Naples, but also a major change in the Football Association's medical agreement and even the entire schedule. A little look at this season’s schedule will be enough to understand,


Coincidentally, the playoffs model is exactly what DeLaurentis strongly advocated before the season. It was the positive attitude of Italian Football Association President Gravina, but it was ultimately rejected by the league. The advantage of the playoff mode is that it can reduce the number of games and shorten the schedule, but chance will cause Juventus to become the biggest victim. De Laurentiis made it clear when he promoted the playoff model: "It is very unfavorable to win the championship for 9 consecutive years (for the league)."

巧合的是,季后赛模式正是DeLaurentis在本赛季之前大力提倡的。这是意大利足协主席格拉维纳的积极态度,但最终被联盟拒绝。季后赛模式的优势在于,它可以减少比赛次数并缩短赛程,但是偶然的机会会使尤文图斯成为最大的受害者。劳伦斯(De Laurentiis)在推广季后赛模式时明确表示:“对于联盟来说,连续9年夺冠是非常不利的。”

A noteworthy follow-up is that Naples must prevent itself from shooting itself in the foot while fighting for reasons. After all, the chairman of Naples is not so convincing in strict compliance with the epidemic prevention regulations (still participating in the case of symptoms) The Serie A meeting was announced and the positive diagnosis was notified in the process). This round of competition will usher in the national team game day. There is indeed time to implement the 14-day strict quarantine measure. However, according to national regulations, close contacts in the team cannot go abroad until the end of the quarantine, so Naples should not be right. The players are released and report to their respective national teams. Now that you stand up as a guardian of the epidemic, you have to stick to it.


No one commented, but quiet


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