When the draw for the second-stage championship group of the Chinese Super League was announced, in addition to the Beijing-Lu match between Beijing Guoan and Shanghai SIPG, the most eye-catching was the Shanghai Derby between Shanghai SIPG and Shanghai Shenhua. Although the two Shanghai Beach teams had nothing to do with each other in the first round, the matchup in the second round was full of passion and fate. When Sun Shilin finished the final tie at the last moment, when Yang Xu missed the overtime countdown lore, when Chen Wei, who was in danger, became the hero of the 12-yard battle, this Shanghai Derby was destined to be recorded in history.


Since Shanghai SIPG came to the Super League, the Shanghai Derby with Shanghai Shenhua has become a landscape of the Super League. Before this season, the two teams had played against each other 17 times, and Shenhua had 4 wins, 4 draws and 9 losses. This trend has been particularly obvious in recent years. SIPG has to not only win its rivals in the same city, but also kill others to achieve a big victory. In the 2015 season, 2017 season and 2019 season, SIPG gave Shenhua 5-0 and 6 respectively. The tragedy of 1 and 4 to 0.

自从上海SIPG进入中超联赛以来,与上海申花一起的上海德比就已经成为中超联赛的景im体育官网网址观。在本赛季之前,两支球队已经对阵了17次,申花队取得了4胜4平9负的成绩。近年来,这种趋势尤为明显。 SIPG不仅要赢得同一个城市的竞争对手,还必须杀死其他人以取得重大胜利。在2015赛季,2017赛季和2019赛季,SIPG分别给申花5-0和6。 1和4的悲剧变为0。

However, in the knockout format, Shenhua, who has the dignity of an old and strong team, never gives up lightly. The most obvious case is the 2017 Football Association Cup. At that time, the three fronts all reached the end, regardless of their strength. The momentum still surpassed Shenhua. When the Shanghai duo met in the final, most people believed that this was a "contest without suspense." As a result, Shenhua defeated SIPG tenaciously at home 1-0, and fought a 2-3 score in the away game. With the advantage of away goals, Shenhua successfully won the FA Cup.


The grievances of the Shanghai Beach teams can be seen in the past stories of the Super League and the Football Association Cup. Every time the Derby is currently, the topic of "Who is the Shanghai Beach boss" will trigger a war of words between the fans on both sides. After the third-line frustration in 2017, SIPG finally won the long-awaited Vulcan Cup in 2018, and Shenhua once again won the FA Cup last season, proving that his reputation as a knockout expert is definitely not a waste of name. However, one of the two teams is fourth in the group and the other is first in the group. The scale of promotion has been tilted in people's subjective impressions from the beginning.


However, the biggest charm of the football game is that it is a team sport. It is never the strength of paper that determines the victory or defeat. The attribute of Derby has strengthened the spiritual opposition. In the first round, the background is 0 to 0. Next, the next round of competition became more tense. SIPG has a combination of foreign aid that almost all the teams in the Super League envy, while Shenhua can rely on the strategizing of the famous Asian coach Cui Kangxi, and the game process is also worthy of the title of the famous game.

但是,足球比赛的最大魅力在于它是一项团队运动。决定胜利或失败的决不是纸的力量。德比的属性加强了精神上的对立。在第一轮中,背景是0到0。接下来,下一轮比赛变得更加紧张。 SIPG的外援组合使中超联赛中的几乎所有球队都羡慕不已,而申花队可以依靠亚洲著名教练崔康熙的战略制定,而且比赛过程也应享有该著名比赛的头衔。

Therefore, in the context of the recent turmoil in the Super League, the most special Shanghai Derby began. In this game, Cui Kangxi made a completely different tactical arrangement from the first round. He changed the team's defense strategy five days ago and instead used offensive football to fight attrition with his opponent. The tactical intentions are more clear, and the tenacious fighting spirit makes people shine. Such a Shenhua has greatly narrowed the gap with SIPG. Faced with such an opponent with a strong determination, SIPG will continue until the fourth in the series. In 45 minutes, Hulk relied on a penalty kick to break the deadlock.


According to the normal rehearsal, SIPG, which took the lead, should have resolved the battle within 90 minutes, but Pereira uncharacteristically chose to be conservative. The stronger team began to defend the line after the game lasted for an hour. Compression across the board, on the other hand, Cui Kangxi, who was on the opposite side, started the fighting mode under the backward situation. Moreno, Yang Xu, Cao Yunding, and Bolaños came on stage to attack SIPG’s defense. The result was the most inconspicuous Sun Shilin. The heavy artillery dragged the game into overtime.

根据正常的演习,带头的SIPG应该在90分钟内解决了战斗,但Pereira毫不反常地选择了保守。比赛持续了一个小时,实力更强的球队开始捍卫防线。另一方面,对面的压缩是另一端的崔康熙在落后的情况下开始了战斗模式。莫雷诺(Moreno),杨旭(Yang Xu),曹云鼎(Cao Yunding)和波拉尼奥斯(Bolaños)上台攻击SIPG的防御。结果就是最不起眼的孙士林。重型大炮使比赛拖延了时间。

If a strong overall strength is the magic weapon of SIPG, then determination and courage are Shenhua’s courage to contend with powerful enemies. As the game enters overtime, more and more neutral fans have begun to expect Shenhua to create miracles-this way It almost became a reality in an instant. In stoppage time of overtime, Yang Xu broke into the penalty area to get a single shot. His close shot was rejected by Chen Wei. When the golden opportunity slipped from his hands, the balance of victory began to tilt again. .

如果说强大的综合实力是SIPG的法宝,那么决心和勇气就是神华与强大敌人抗衡的勇气。随着比赛进入加时赛,越来越多的中立球迷开始期待神华创造奇迹,这种方式几乎立即成为现实。在加班的补时阶段,杨旭闯入禁区单射。他的近拍被陈伟拒绝。当千载难逢的机会从他手里溜走时,胜利的平衡再次开始倾斜。 。

In fact, when the game enters the penalty shootout, Shenhua should have the more advantage, because their goalkeeper is international Zeng Cheng, and the opponent’s goalkeeper is the U23 teenager Chen Wei who is in danger because of Yan Junling’s injury. From the field or experience point of view, the former is better than the latter. But as mentioned in the previous article, football matches cannot be determined according to strengths and weaknesses. Chen Wei, who saved Yang Xu's single-handedly, gained enough confidence to save Moreno's shot on the first penalty-this worthy save , Which ultimately determined the outcome of this bloody Shanghai Derby.


With 1 to 1 in regular time and 5 to 4 in penalty shootouts, SIPG, who is more capable, did win the game, but the story went through twists and turns. When the drama of survival from desperation and life hanging by a thread appeared one after another, when the fast-paced and high-intensity confrontation overwhelmed the sound of off-court, football should have been so pure. In the unprecedented spot-ball match in the Chinese Super League, the hero and the sinner are only between one thought. Yang Xu's tears are not so full of unwillingness and regret, as it is an indispensable part of a classic duel.


Shanghai SIPG is worthy of victory. Although Shanghai Shenhua is defeated, the referee is no longer the protagonist, and the players show the excitement of hard work. Such a game has truly become the name card of the Super League. And as the schedule continues to deepen, belonging to our league, the excitement has just begun.


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