im体育官网:新赛季若明年1月开打 NBA损失可能达10亿美元

   Beijing time on October 31, according to US media reports, the NBA is worried that if the new season starts in January next year, the league’s revenue loss may reach $1 billion.


   Today, the NBA and the players union once again postponed the deadline for terminating the labor agreement. If the NBA wants the new season to start before Christmas, there is not much time left for them to negotiate with the players union.


   As the new crown epidemic continues to spread in the United States, there is still no guarantee that fans will be admitted in the new season. Therefore, the NBA expects that the new season's revenue will be reduced by more than 400 million US dollars. What worries the NBA is that if the new season starts in January next year, it will cost the league another $500 million, and the cumulative loss of revenue in the new season may reach $1 billion.


   The final result is that the income of NBA players will drop sharply, because the labor agreement stipulates that the income of the league and the players is divided into 50-50.


   The NBA and the Players Union have postponed the deadline for terminating the labor agreement for the fourth time. For now, if the NBA wants to start the new season on December 23, they still have a lot of work to do.




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