Connor McGregor revealed on Twitter last Friday that he will play a boxing match with Manny Pacquiao in the Middle East, but this time is different from the previous unilateral "official announcements." After Mouth Cannon announced this heavy cross-border battle, Pacquiao's team responded to the game, so the possibility that Mouth Cannon and Pacquiao's battle will come true is greatly increased.

康纳·麦格雷戈(Connor McGregor)上周五在推特上透露,他将与中东的帕奎奥(Manny Pacquiao)进行拳击比赛,但这一次不同于以往的单方面“官方公告”。口炮声宣布这场沉重的跨界战斗后,帕奎奥的团队对此游戏做出了回应,因此口炮和帕奎奥的战斗实现的可能性大大增加了。

Manny Pacquiao’s special assistant, Jayke Joson, also a Philippine senator, issued a statement last Saturday in response to the rumors of the match between Pacquiao and the mouth, saying that the two sides are indeed discussing the game, and Pacquiao has planned to Part of the proceeds from this boxing match were donated to the COVID-19 victims in the Philippines.

曼尼·帕奎奥(Manny Pacquiao)的特别助手杰伊·乔森(Jayke Joson)也是菲律宾参议员,上周六发表了一份声明,以回应帕奎奥和嘴巴之间比赛的传言,称双方确实在讨论这场比赛,帕奎奥已经计划这次拳击比赛的收益被捐赠给了菲律宾的COVID-19受害者。

"For all the Philippine COVID-19 victims, Senator Manny Pacquiao will play next year with UFC superstar Connor McGregor. Our lawyers are now implementing all the details, but both boxers have already agreed. Prepare for this epic boxing match."

“对于所有菲律宾COVID-19受害者,参议员曼尼·帕奎奥明年将与UFC超级巨星康纳·麦格雷戈(Connor McGregor)一起比赛。我们的律师目前正在执行所有细节,但两位拳击手都已同意。为这场史诗般的拳击比赛做准备。”

The former UFC double crowned mouth gun announced his retirement from the UFC for the third time on Twitter in June this year. Since then, he has repeatedly hinted that he will return to the game, but he got into trouble with sexual assault during his trip to Corsica, France. , So that he can really come back to the game in doubt.

im体育官网这位前UFC双冠嘴枪于今年6月在Twitter上第三次宣布退出UFC。从那以后,他一再暗示要重返赛场,但他在法国科西嘉岛旅行中遇到了性侵犯的麻烦。 ,这样他真的可以回到有疑问的比赛中。

Last Friday, Zui Pao tweeted a series of tweets. In addition to explaining that he announced his retirement due to the UFC's failure to arrange the game in time, he also revealed that he would have a match with Manny Pacquiao in the Middle East. News of a boxing match.

上周五,zui pao发了一系列推文。除了解释说他因UFC未能及时安排比赛而宣布退役外,他还透露他将与中东的帕奎奥比赛。拳击比赛的消息。

In fact, Zui Pao has always hoped to fight Pacquiao, especially when the brokerage company PSM where Zui Pao is located at the same time announced in February this year to serve as Pacquiao's brokerage company, the possibility of the two cross-border battle greatly increased.


Previously, Pacquiao’s physical coach Justin Fortune said that Pacquiao might not be able to fight because Pacquiao is too dangerous for a mouthpiece, and he can solve it in three rounds. Talk about it, the game between the two sides is just a waste of time.

此前,帕奎奥的体育教练贾斯汀·福斯(Justin Fortune)表示,帕奎奥可能无法战斗,因为帕奎奥对喉舌来说太危险了,他可以分三轮解决。谈论一下,双方之间的比赛只是浪费时间。

Zui Pao had a boxing "money fight" with undefeated boxing champion Mayweather in 2017, and Zui Pao was defeated by TKO in the tenth round. Different from Mayweather's defensive counterattack style, Pacquiao's punching speed is fast and explosive, and his KO ability is first-rate. He has 39 KO opponents in 62 wins in his career.

在2017年,Zui Pao与不败的拳击冠军Mayweather进行了拳击“金钱之战”,Zui Pao在第十轮中被TKO击败。与梅威瑟的防守反击风格不同,帕奎奥的出拳速度快而易爆,他的KO能力堪称一流。在他的职业生涯中,他有62场胜利中有39个KO对手。

On July 21 last year, Pacquiao defeated Keith Thurman after 12 rounds of fierce battle in the WBA welterweight united battle in Las Vegas, USA, and ended his opponent’s 29 unbeaten matches. Record, successfully defended the WBA welterweight super champion title.


Everyone thinks that if the cross-border battle between Mouth Cannon VS Pacquiao takes place, will the Mouth Cannon blow through the "Asian Destroyer", or Pacquiao will be a man? Welcome to interact and discuss with us in the comment area!


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